Industry News: Local ride sharing app seeks funding

Screen-Shot-2015-03-27-at-12.32Chariot, New Zealand’s first carpooling and ride sharing app, is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Chariot app users can set up rides with each other. These can be recurring, one-off short trips in the city, or long-haul intercity trips. Drivers are volunteers and can rent up to three spare seats in their cars.

“Chariot’s mission is to reduce the number of empty seats in cars, traffic congestion and carbon emissions by offering a platform for social ride sharing,” Chariot chief executive Thomas Kiefer says. Continue reading “Local ride sharing app seeks funding” »

Industry News: We got the power!


One of the key ingredients to having a worthwhile electric vehicle fleet is plentiful renewable energy – there is little point in replacing burning petrol with other fossil fuels.

And apparently we have it.

Energy and resources minister Simon Bridges says new figures showing renewable energy contributed almost 80% of New Zealand’s electricity generation last year are very encouraging. Continue reading “We got the power!” »

Industry News: New Suzuki confirmed a miser


Suzuki have called on well known economy-driver and journalist Donn Anderson to prove how economical its latest small car is.

A near-new Celerio averaged 3.4 litres/100 kilometres, or 83.1 miles per gallon, over more than 100 kilometres of running on a variety of quiet rural roads and urban highways.

Anderson says the Celerio’s performance and frugal economy bettered expectations. Continue reading “New Suzuki confirmed a miser” »

Industry News: Reshape for NZ Herald’s motoring offering


NZ Herald owner NZME has announced changes to its motoring media offerings – splitting off motoring content into its own website.

The new structure expands on their existing Driven brand, putting motoring content on its own website –

The site includes the Herald’s existing motoring content, plus content sourced from From an dealer perspective, the site includes used car listings, driven by Bauer Media’s AutoTrader site. Continue reading “Reshape for NZ Herald’s motoring offering” »

Industry News: $4m investment in motorcyclists’ safety

Hon_Nikki_Kaye_106x157Over the next year $4 million is to be invested in motorcycle rider safety from Accident Compensation Corporation coffers.

The spending will be based on advice by the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council – which represents the motorcycling community, and advises ACC on safety initiatives that will make motorcycling safer on New Zealand roads.

ACC minister Nikki Kaye welcomed the planned funding, and noted some would be used to re-design roads. Continue reading “$4m investment in motorcyclists’ safety” »

Industry News: Better credit information for borrowers

goldsmith-profileCommerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has announced new consumer credit regulations aimed at giving consumers information they need to make informed credit decisions.

“The regulations will mean New Zealand borrowers can access information that will help them compare their options when they’re borrowing money or buying goods on credit,” Goldsmith says.

The changes include a range of protections for consumers which come into effect on June 6. They improve the information lenders provide to consumers, helping them compare the rates and fees offered by all lenders before borrowing money. Continue reading “Better credit information for borrowers” »

Industry News: Chevrolet to pay $11M to French dealers for “brutality”

logo-chevroletCarmaker Chevrolet has been ordered to pay its French dealers nearly eight million euros (NZ$11. 21 million) in compensation ordered by a Paris court for the “brutal” withdrawal of its brand from Europe.

A total of 17 dealers had sued the company, part of the US General Motors giant, for not respecting a notice period it was obliged to give them after GM announced in December 2013 that it was withdrawing Chevrolets from sale in 2015 due to poor sales.

They had claimed damages of 33 million euros (A$46.19 million), after alleging that Chevrolet France had put pressure on dealerships who did not accept their initial offer of compensation by withdrawing marketing material and delaying delivery so they were left with no cars to sell. Continue reading “Chevrolet to pay $11M to French dealers for “brutality”” »

Industry News: Dashcams causing dealer concern

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Dashcams and other security video systems have caused discussion in dealer circles across the Tasman, following a franchise dealers refusal to work on cars where they are activated.

Toyota Australia has been quick to point out that the policy is not a company-wide initiative, while service associations say they have no issue with the cameras running.

New South Wales based Nowra Toyota has put up a strongly-worded sign informing its customers that they must disable any type of recording equipment they have running in their vehicle before they drop their car off. Continue reading “Dashcams causing dealer concern” »

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