Industry News: Mitsubishi unveils 2015 Triton and future Fiat utility


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has just launched the 2015 model year Triton utility in Thailand where the vehicle is built for global markets.

In 2016 the Thai factory will also start producing a Fiat-dedicated version of the Triton for sale in Europe and Latin America under the Fiat Professional banner says Automotive New Europe.

The non-binding memorandum of understanding between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and MMC to develop and manufacture the truck will see 150 to 170,000 vehicles produced from the Thai plant over a six year period but numbers are yet to be finalised says a September news report from Automotive News Europe. Continue reading “Mitsubishi unveils 2015 Triton and future Fiat utility” »

Industry News: Digital vehicle marketers gain confidence in B2C sector


Sales and marketing staff at used and new car dealerships will do well to consider the findings from a study into digital marketing. This shows that the car purchasing market is just getting bigger and bigger online, thanks to new digital trends and more well-informed customers spending more time online searching for the right car.

An study from last year found that new and used buyers spend 75% of their car research time online, while Google stats suggest that these car buyers also take an average of 2.7 months to decide on a purchase.

The most recent findings come from a study titled, Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing, an annual study into Australian and New Zealand digital marketing attitudes and practices conducted by First Point Research & Consulting on behalf of Sitecore Australia. Continue reading “Digital vehicle marketers gain confidence in B2C sector” »

Industry News: Holden dealer acquires Armstrong Prestige business in Palmerston North

images1Palmerston North-based Robertson Motor Group will take over the local Volkswagen and Audi dealership held by Armstrong Prestige on December 1.

Owner Bruce Robertson confirmed to AutoTalk this afternoon that his company will take over the Volkswagen Audi dealership located on Taonui Street as a going concern next month, and all existing staff will remain on board.

“There will be very little change in terms of staff, but the Volkswagen Audi dealership will not be located on its current Taonui Street site in the longterm,” says Robertson. Continue reading “Holden dealer acquires Armstrong Prestige business in Palmerston North” »

Industry News: Charges against car buyers ‘unlikely’

Screen-Shot-2014-08-29-at-2.33.37-pmPeople who bought 152 cars from Dunedin City Council’s Citifleet division are unlikely to face police charges.

The Otago Daily Times understands police have all but concluded their investigation into the alleged $1.5 million Citifleet vehicle fraud, and will present their findings to council staff within days.

The council earlier ruled out seeking to recoup vehicles or money from individual buyers, citing legal advice, and instead accepted a $750,000 partial payment from insurer QBE earlier this month. Continue reading “Charges against car buyers ‘unlikely’” »

Industry News: Minister fined $2000 for security breach

gerry-brownlee-forwebA former minister of transport – Gerry Brownlee – has been fined $2000 for a breach of security at Christchurch International Airport on July 24, 2014

Director of civil aviation Graeme Harris says airport security is a serious matter and there had been a thorough investigation. The incident occurred when Brownlee and two aides entered a gate lounge through an exit only door.

“I would like to make it clear this investigation applied the same assessment criteria and level of rigour as would be the case in any similar event,” says Harris. Continue reading “Minister fined $2000 for security breach” »

Industry News: Kiwi tech start-up revs up US rental car industry

transfercarNew Zealand’s leading ‘free’ rental car company makes waves in America while its popularity hits record levels at home.

It’s not often that you hear of the successful launch of an American start-up whose headquarters are not based in San Francisco, but on our very own K’road in Auckland. That’s the story of Transfercar, a Kiwi tech company that specialises in ‘free’ rental cars.

If you’re thinking: “Free rental cars – how can this be possible?’’ you’re not alone. Continue reading “Kiwi tech start-up revs up US rental car industry” »

Industry News: Police use GPS tracker to find kidnap victim

GPS-tracking-on-cars1A woman who was kidnapped off the streets of Philadelphia in the United Sates was relocated thanks to a GPS tracking device that had been installed on the kidnapper’s car by the dealer, in case it needed to be repossessed.

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, is resting at her mother’s home in Philadelphia after a three-day ordeal that ended when federal agents surrounded the car and seized the kidnapping suspect.

Her rescue came after authorities spotted the used-car dealer’s name on a traffic camera photo of Delvin Barnes’ vehicle and recognised the dealership as one that routinely puts GPS devices on its cars, according to sheriff’s captain Jayson Crawley, of Charles City County, Virginia. Continue reading “Police use GPS tracker to find kidnap victim” »

Industry News: ‘Unreasonable’ Sportzone fees less than $10,000 – MTF

angus_bradshaw_4e70824300The aggregate amount by which the MTF fees in respect of the 39 Sportzone loans would be said to be unreasonable, would be less than $10,000, says MTF managing director  Bradshaw, in a statement.

“In a release on October 24, 2014, MTF noted that the High Court had released a second judgment (the Quantification Judgment) in the Sportzone case. The Quantification Judgment seeks to apply the ‘close relevance test’ stated in the Court’s original judgment (the Liability Judgment),”

“The Quantification Judgment does not quantify the amount by which the fees at issue under the 39 Sportzone loans, which are the subject of the proceeding, are deemed to be unreasonable in terms of the Liability Judgment. MTF noted that precise quantification requires further calculations to be made by the Commerce Commission and MTF. Continue reading “‘Unreasonable’ Sportzone fees less than $10,000 – MTF” »

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