Industry News: Ideal time for Jucy to launch in the UK


Potential accommodation shortages in Britain during the 2015 Rugby World Cup could be alleviated by Jucy camper vans multimillion dollar expansion into the UK market.

Jucy, which operates in New Zealand as well as the US and Australian markets, will launch in the United Kingdom by mid next year.

The UK move has led to the purchase of almost $5 million dollars worth of new luxury camper vans which will be rented to tourists in both New Zealand and the UK. Continue reading “Ideal time for Jucy to launch in the UK” »

Industry News: Vehicle prices down in latest price index

statsnzCheaper cars are helping to keep inflation down according to the latest Consumer Price Index results from Statistics New Zealand.

The inflation-indication index was up 0.3% in the September 2014 quarter – the third consecutive rise of that amount.

But cars bucked the trend, with the sample showing the price of cars was down 1% while the average cost of Warrant of Fitnesses have also dropped – as they are required less frequently. Continue reading “Vehicle prices down in latest price index” »

Industry News: Auto industry rates highly in employer awards

VTNZ_Logo_CMYK_High-ResVehicle Testing NZ has taken the title of New Zealand’s Overall Best Workplace of 2014 – with vehicle dealers and distributors also ranking highly.

VTNZ beat 228 New Zealand organisations to receive this year’s top award as part of the IBM Kenexa Best Workplaces awards. VTNZ also received the award for the Best Enterprise Workplace (750 or more employees).

The awards were achieved based on the employees’ ratings in a confidential online survey. Their 750 plus employees graded their workplace and employers across twelve key categories including leadership, culture, recognition and engagement. The success this year followed VTNZ’s Most Improved Enterprise Workplace award in 2013. Continue reading “Auto industry rates highly in employer awards” »

Industry News: Faulty US air bag issue heats up

crash-testThe US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now urging the owners of nearly eight million cars and trucks to have air bags repaired because of potential danger to occupants in the front seats.

The agency says that owners in high humidity areas such as Florida, Hawaii, areas near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, as well as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana should pay special attention to the recall warning.

NHTSA has put forward a theory in documents suggesting the chemical used to inflate the airbag can be altered by high humidity, making it explode with too much force while deploying. Continue reading “Faulty US air bag issue heats up” »

Industry News: Finance decision: What charges are not allowed?

deceptionThe Motor Trade Finance/Sportzone case comes down to a basic argument – what can you include and justify when establishing charges for finance.

The differences in arguments between MTF and the Commerce Commission and courts is how charges are established. The finance company argues the fees can include a total cost recovery – including the cost of staff, training, travel, accounting, banking, legal, audit, commissions and even down to the costs of the head office building.

The courts have found fees should be ‘in close relevance’, Justice Toogood stating: Continue reading “Finance decision: What charges are not allowed?” »

Industry News: EECA ticks Goodyear and Dunlop tyres

GoodYear_Assurance_2014More than 186 new tyres have been given the Energywise mark of approval by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) which is part of a new programme to inform consumers about fuel efficient tyres.

Amongst that number EECA has approved more than 100 Goodyear or Dunlop branded passenger and SUV tyres as being fuel efficient allowing them to use the Energywise-approved tyre mark.

EECA has recently launched the Energywise-approved tyre mark and website tool to inform consumers of the tyre options available to them in the market. Continue reading “EECA ticks Goodyear and Dunlop tyres” »

Industry News: CarMax does U-turn, returns to web leads

CarMaxCarMax, the largest used-car retailer in the United States, has begun posting vehicle inventory again on and after marketing vehicles without the giant online shopping sites for 16 months.

CarMax’s return comes as AutoNation – the largest dealership group in the country – embarks on its own effort to rely less on third-party lead sites.

“CarMax’s switch shows the power of third-party shopping sites to reach a wider swath of shoppers than even the most-recognised dealership groups can achieve on their own,” says Kevin Tynan, senior automotive analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. Continue reading “CarMax does U-turn, returns to web leads” »

Industry News: Zero road toll for Labour Weekend?

overtake1Last year’s road toll for Labour Weekend numbered one person, and this year the Automobile Association would like to see zero road fatalities.

AA spokesperson Dylan Thomsen says the weather is looking good for the long weekend so the roads will be busy.

“Unfortunately, that also increases the chances of people getting frustrated and trying a risky passing manoeuvre,” says Thomsen. Continue reading “Zero road toll for Labour Weekend?” »

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