Industry News: Opinion: F&I contribution more important than ever

Screen-Shot-2015-04-17-at-2.55Stephen Timperley of Deloitte’s’Motor Industry Services explained in a recent AutoTalk article that increased sales volumes through the back end of 2014 did not result in increased profits (except possibly in the prestige market) for dealerships, and that some of the reasons for this appear to be structural and therefore do not have quick solutions.

F&I performance, however, is in the direct and immediate control of the business and it certainly seems to us that those dealerships that are not maximising this potential profit centre are missing out.

There is a huge and variable range of business circumstances that impact on this, but comparing (our) data from across the industry we see clients for whom F&I contributes over 50% of total dealership net profit, and the average contribution in our dealer community is consistently coming in at 20-30%. Yes, that is contribution to net profit. Continue reading “Opinion: F&I contribution more important than ever” »

Industry News: Autohub streamlines Australian operations, announces new MD

autohubukShipping and logistics firm Autohub has announced changes to its local operations, with a new managing director and operations manager in place.

The new operation will be led by newly appointed managing director for Australia, Daryl McIntyre.

In addition, Otis Cooper will take on the role of operations manager, while Brett Lawrence will be taking on the role of customs manager. Autohub is also planning to open a new office in Melbourne later in the year. Continue reading “Autohub streamlines Australian operations, announces new MD” »

Industry News: Shortage of dealer land in Auckland – agent

Screen-Shot-2015-04-17-at-1.09An industrial and commercial property agent says there is a scramble on for land for dealership in the Auckland area – and not all in the usual dealer strips.

In a report, broker Savills Auckland says the hunt is on for ‘cheaper’ land, for new and relocating yards.

“Used car dealers can no longer afford to maintain yards in Auckland’s central suburbs,” the report says. “The cost of land outweighs the returns they get from their businesses and many are moving to outlying suburbs.” Continue reading “Shortage of dealer land in Auckland – agent” »

Industry News: $31k start for Mazda’s baby-suv


Mazda New Zealand has rolled out its new small SUV, the CX-3.

The model gives Mazda a clean-sweep in the SUV department, with small, medium and large models on offer.

Designed along Mazda’s Kodo design language, it features the brands all-encompassing ‘Skyactiv’ strategy for efficiency. Continue reading “$31k start for Mazda’s baby-suv” »

Industry News: Subaru aiming to pick up big car buyers


Subaru has launched its new generation Subaru Legacy, with its sights on the larger end of the sedan market.

The local distributor says it considers the new model – which drops the usually popular wagon model – as a ‘large-sized medium car’.

Subaru New Zealand managing director Wallis Dumper says the company wants to provide an option for those displaced by the impending end of large, rear-wheel-drive Australian cars. Continue reading “Subaru aiming to pick up big car buyers” »

Industry News: EV charging station opens in Newmarket

Screen-Shot-2015-04-17-at-11.20A new – and free – electric vehicle charging point has been opened at lines company Vector’s Newmarket office.

Vector CEO Simon Mackenzie says Vector is proud to deliver another energy solution.

As the EV market expands, Vector is positioning itself to support this growth and make EVs even more attractive for Aucklanders by providing them with convenient locations to charge up. Continue reading “EV charging station opens in Newmarket” »

Industry News: Australian import lobby: Government has not gone far enough

aimvialogoThe import-backing Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association say the government has not done enough for the market with its decision to not allow imported used vehicles, and restricting parallel imports to personal purchases.

“While the idea of private parallel imports initially seems attractive, it is in fact impracticable for a number of reasons,” the association notes in its statement. “Firstly, franchised dealers in most jurisdictions are prevented by their franchise agreements from selling for export.

“Secondly, consumers who purchase direct from overseas would not enjoy the protection of Australian consumer law, e.g. warranties.” Continue reading “Australian import lobby: Government has not gone far enough” »

Industry News: Yes to new imports – Briggs

Jamie-BriggsThe Australian government has indicated it is likely to support the personal import of new vehicles into Australia – but remains negative to opening up the market to used vehicles.

Assistant minister for infrastructure Jamie Briggs this morning announced the position, following a year of consultation on the Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

“As part of this process the personal importation of new cars has been a key consideration, particularly given the end of light vehicle manufacturing in Australia in 2017–18,” Briggs said in his statement. Continue reading “Yes to new imports – Briggs” »

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